Develops And Manufactures Precision Self-Lubricating Bearings Is Our Mission

We are committed to provide high-quality copper material and self-lubricating products in order to satisfy the needs and progress of the times.

Boran brand is committed to value-adding capital and become the first-class supplier in domestic market.

Our innovative ideas should face the vagaries of the market and promote reforms.

We make every effort to serve the community, and to share the resulting achievements.

Boran is a one-stop manufacturer from raw materials to finished products

Our commitment is to consistently create new achievements, to maintain our excellent in the field of the non-oil bearing supplier status.

Prtgtct quality assurance system, sophisticated detection equipment, excellent quality resources trinity of professional security, Boran builds high quality solid fortress.

With the global economic integration process accelerating, Boran were well aware that technological innovation is the source of enterprise development and motivation. Strong technical force with its own technical resources is growing Boran solid foundation.