Bearing installation

Pressure Assembly

Typically, the bearing can be used to pressure the assembly with the installation, assembly, slowly push the mandrel should be used to prohibit the direct hit to avoid deformation of the bearing, the assembly should ensure that the seat before the hole smooth suface without foreign body.

Cooling assembly

By liquid nitrogen or dry ice compared with cold press-fit assembly with mechanical press-fit method is more effective, then the standard freezing temperature of -40ºC~-70ºC, freezing time is generally 1 hour or more, according to the specific needs of parts of the wall thick and with tolerance.

Shrinkage of the bearing can be calculated according to the following companies:


△D:OD Diameter shrinkage

D:OD Bearing outer diameter

α:Linear expansion coefficient(1/105K)

△T:Temperature difference


Metal Bearing Installation

It isrecommended to install the thrust washers and sliding plates with the hollow indented housings.To avoid the moving of such parts, a dowel pins is recommended to be installed.

1、Dowel pin application(thrust washer)


2、Inlaid installation(Plate)1556440321389437.jpg

3、Flat head screw application