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Product Features

1、No need to oil installations, the filling hole processing tank

The cost of oil installations, processing fees, assembly fees, the extra cost and time savings can significantly reduce manufacturing costs.

2、Lower operating costs

Substantially reduce the use of lubricants and equipment maintenance costs, while also eliminating the risk caused due to insufficient oil supply.

3、The shortening of design time

Non-oil can make the design, structure, and greatly simplify and reduce costs, save design time and to obtain significant results, in addition, the use of selt-lubricating bearings can also improve the mechanical properties and ectend the service life and higher reliability.

4、Lubricating oil recycling and encironmental protection 

No need to waste oil recycling, are environmentally friendly.

JDB(500#), selflubricating bearing parts of the machinery industry, the use of certain generalized. In oder to make the mechanical drive is operating normally, a lot of effort. The bearing area is divided into Rolling and plain bearings. Sliding bearings in high-load movement, foreign substances, temperature, fuel, maintenance, inperfect circumstances, can cause galling. Like sliding bearings can not be used under harsh conditions, the solid inlaid metal self-lubricating, wear resistance to galling, to play the bearings of the due performance, the role of mechanical performance and maintenance-free.

Application Notes

1、Use standard designation when designing if possible;

2、Note if there are any foreign matters on the surface when assembling;

3、Do not erase the black or grey phenomenon on the sliding surface caused by the oil film that is formed by the solid lubricant after using;

4、It is good for mechancial operation and running if lay the lubricant on the corresponding friction set before installing;

5、Pressing should be carried out slowly when isdtalling. Do not beat in the event of damaging the bearing or causing the distortion to the bearing;

6、Using proper material in different parts when designing in oder to enhance the mechanical properties and prolong the service life of the bearing;

7、It would be better to fix with bolt in high load and reciprocating motion;

8、It is recommended to use stainless steel or plate chrome on the surface of the corresponding friction shaft when working in the water or in the sea. 

The Advantages of the Solid-Lubricant-Inlaid Bearings

1、Properly and simply designed, widely used;

Oil offering system is an energy waste and time waste set in mechanical design. There is no needs for considering the oil-putting set in design when using the solid lubricant bearing so it can sane the oil-putting equipment and at the same time it also dedign the solid-lubricant-inlaid bearing into alt kinds of shapes in oder to meet various needs in special places.Using solid-lubricant. inlaid bearing can reduce the costs of the machinery mending and the oil in wide range. 

2、Being used without oil; 

Because of the linear coefficient expansion of the solid lubricant is bigger than that of the metal basement, when the solid-lubricant-inlaid bearing starts to operate, the oil film can transfer to the corresponding friction set to make out self-lubricant.So the solid-lubricant-inlaid bearing can be used in places where the oil or grease cannot be added. It can make out the self-lubricant function even though under high load conditions.

3、Low cost for usage;

Traditional mechanical design asks for frequently aiding oil and checking if the oil watch and the offering set are through in certain period. Because adding oil at regular intercals causes the pollution to the machine itself and the nearby surroundings clean but also decrease the cost of using the lubricant.

4、The superior functions can be brought into play under high load and low rotati ng speed.

The solid-lubricant-inlaid bearing is based on the high intensity brass that is centrifuge cast. And then make out the loading function. Use special graphite that has good self-lubricant properties as lubricant to make out the self-lubricant so that the biaring has includsd all of their advantages. It can still bring the superior properties into play even under high load and low rotating speed.

5、The wear resistance can be brought into play even In places the oil film form into difficulties because of the reciprocating and rocking movement, starting and stopping;

The arrangement principle of the lubricant of the solid-lubricant-inlaid bearing is to ensure that all the parts of the corresponding friction sets have the lubricant function in the operation procession. So the arrangement place of the lubricant should be depended upon the operating direction of the correspinding friction sets.

6、Superior chemical resistance and corrosion resistance;

The lubricant of the solid-lubricant. inlaid bearing is made of special graphite and PTFE. It has steady molecule structures. The metal basement can be chosen according to the different chemical resistance and corrosion resistance of the metal appliance. So the solid-lubricant-inlaid bearing has the superior chemical resistance and corrosion resistance. 

7、The products is more competitive, comparing to the similar kinfs of products, this kinds of products has longer working life and need seldom maintenance. It has longer replacement circle and good properties.

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