Related design

Direvtion of motion and PV value


Mating Shaft

Bearing performance is influenced by the material, hardness, surface treatment of the mating shaft. If used in a corrosive environment such as in the seawater, or in the chemical liquid, double or triple chrome plating should be consideration.



There should be chamfers on the housing bore during the assembly. A chamfer FG×20º±5º is impotant for the easier pressing if the bearing into the housing.


Wall thickness

Wall thickness of the metallic bearing can be made thin to realize smaller mechanical design.



In general, length of bearing is calculated by the ratio of the bearing hength and inner side diameter, for normal application: the length/ID=0.5~2.0, for high load, high speed uneven contact is recommend: the length/IG=0.8~1.0.

Periodic Greasing

Metallic self-lubricating bearings designed for maintenance-free and dry operation, but periodic greasing or oiling will improve the bearing performance and ectension the service life.

● Reduction of coefficient of friction and wear amount

● Smoothly running and increase the limited PV value

● Cooling effect

● Greatly extension the bearing service life

● Protect the contamination reach the bearing section

● Prevent mating material rust


If increased levels of contamination occor or the bearing is used in an aggressive environment, the bearing section should be protected from dust and contamination. the normal solution is to resedign the surrounding structure so that the contamination can not reach the bearing section. If the cintamination is critical, a collar of grease or a shaft seal is recommended.